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Yes, dryer vent fires are one of the leading causes of home fires in the United States. An average of 15,000 dryer fires are reported annually, causing more than $110 million in damages.

It absolutely can because now you know the problem isn’t the dryer, but most likely the duct/vent.



It certainly can, some dryers will shut down and not operate as a safety precaution. Cleaning the duct allows for a safe operation.

We use a professional process. We connect vacuum pressure directly to the duct in combination with a scouring brush. This removes and contains everything in a vacuum. We leave things clean and tidy and there is never an additional fee for that.

You are not alone .Most people don’t know about it and not all ducts and vents need to be cleaned out.


Your technician will be on time, qualified, and respectful of you and your home

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